Catechism Class 9:00 a.m.

Sunday Service 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


 Director of Music:  "The gospel tunes our heart to sing!"

Job type: Part-time/Pay commensurate with experience.

Category: Music

Location: Jacksonville, FL


Paramount Church is a gospel-centered church in Jacksonville FL. The Director of Music is responsible for designing and implementing a style of music that is contemporary and band-driven yet not contemporary for the sake of novel, innovative creativity. The ideal candidate for this position will be committed to the centrality of the gospel in all things and possess a solid knowledge of and commitment to the historic Christian worship of the church.The Director will coordinate music plans with the Preaching/Teaching elder, and recruit, direct, and train a team of volunteer musicians. Significant musical experience in performing and directing a contemporary band along with experience in songwriting and production is ideal.




Position Duties and Responsibilities

• Plan and implement Trinitarian, gospel-centered music (Col. 3:16) for Sunday worship services, and special services as required, in consultation with the Elders

• Recruit, train, and rehearse members of the music team.

• Disciple music team members in a gospel-centered, historic worship paradigm

• Coordinate with A/V team regularly to assure quality sound and video/visuals for each presentation and oversee training of A/V volunteers

• Attend weekly meetings with the Elders and Leadership Team.


Position Qualifications

• Committed to definitive Nicene orthodoxy and gospel-centeredness in doctrine, life, and music

• Possess a solid understanding of and commitment to historic Christian worship

• Band-driven rather than orchestral-driven style of music

• Must be able to incorporate strings, percussion, and other instruments into contemporary-band driven arrangements.

• Must be able to play piano and/or guitar in a contemporary band setting

• Minimum of bachelor's degree in music and/or 5 years' related church or industry experience.

• High-level of overall musicianship

• A builder/self-motivated/entrepreneurial spirit

• Sanguine stage presence

• Experience in leading corporate worship, and knowledge of directing, orchestrating, and coordinating various instruments in a band

• Ability to work with and train vocalists in singing of parts

• Ability to incorporate backing tracks and loops into regular Sunday and special services

• Leadership ability and ability to work with and inspire volunteers 


How to apply

Please send resume and video/audio clips to Ana O'Dell at