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The Recipients of Baptism, Part 4

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Date: July 1, 2018

Speaker: John Fonville

Series: Two Keys To Spiritual Growth

Category: Sacraments

Scripture: Genesis 17:7–17:14, Acts 2:39–2:39

Tags: covenant, gospel, Pentecost, new covenant, covenant of grace, abrahamic covenant, baptism, sacrament, Great Commission, Circumcision, Household, Abraham, infant baptism, credobaptism, paedobaptism, signs, seals, household baptisms, presumptive regeneration

What is the ground upon which baptism is to be administered? J.V. Fesko notes, “In one sense, ultimately the whole debate over the question of infant baptism rests on the administrative ground of the rite” (Word, Water, Spirit, 356). So then, what is the administrative ground of baptism?

There are largely two competing answers.

I.  Baptists. The administrative ground for baptism (the sign of the covenant of grace) is a profession of faith, which also includes presumptive regeneration.

II. Reformed. The administrative ground for baptism (i.e., the sign of the covenant of grace) is the command and covenant promise of God.