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The Normal Christian Life

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Date: July 22, 2018

Speaker: John Fonville

Category: Sanctification

Scripture: Galatians 5:17–5:17

Tags: grace, sanctification, perseverance, obedience, holiness, assurance, justification, imputation, Hope, Kingdom of God, Confession, Absolution, Despair, conscience, forgiveness, flesh, perfectionism, hypocrisy, sin, last days, pursuit of holiness, fight, race, over-realized eschatology, under-realized eschatology, inaugurated eschatology, already but not yet, Keswick, higher life, victorious Christian, surrender, Reformed confessions, Canons of Dort, realism

One of the helpful aspects of the Reformed confessions of the Christian faith is that they present a realistic picture of the Christian life (i.e., sanctification)—the normal Christian life. They demonstrate that the Christian life is neither total victory nor total defeat. They protect from both hypocrisy and despair by grounding the believer in both realism and hope. So, what is the normal Christian life? We will explore this important topic today.