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The Parable of the Vineyard Owner

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Date: July 29, 2018

Speaker: John Fonville

Category: Parables of Judgment

Scripture: Matthew 20:1–20:16

Tags: grace, gospel, good works, election, judgment, merit, mosaic covenant, legalism, law, justification, imputation, Justice, Inheritance, Kingdom of God, Day of the Lord, Second Coming, Work, Injustice, sermon on the mount, generosity, vindication, Final Judgment, parable, Vineyard, Vineyard owner, Vineyard workers, wages, parables of judgment, envy, resentment, rich young man, Kingdom of Heaven, bookkeeping, Black Friday, black ink, red ink, poor in spirit, mourning

In Matthew 20:1-16, Jesus tells a parable about the outrageous grace of the vineyard owner. To listen to Jesus tell this parable is to enter into a strange, startling world where everything gets turned upside down. The last are first and the first are last. Jesus' parable will challenge every preconceived idea as to who He is and how His kingdom dispenses salvation.