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What Are You Looking For?, Part 2

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Date: December 16, 2018

Speaker: John Fonville

Series: What Are You Looking For?

Category: Advent

Scripture: Luke 1:46–1:55

Tags: Elizabeth, Holy Spirit, covenant faithfulness, miraculous conception, lovingkindness, The Magnificat, virgin Mary, virgin birth, power, Mary, Mercy, abrahamic covenant, holiness, grace

In response to Elizabeth’s blessing, Mary, in vv. 46-55, bursts forth into a joyful hymn of praise to God for His faithfulness to fulfill His covenant promises. The major idea of Mary’s song is to show how Mary trusts in God’s fulfillment of His covenant promises to Abraham.  Mary praises God for four of His moral attributes, namely, His grace, power, holiness and mercy (i.e., covenant faithfulness, lovingkindness).