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What Are You Looking For?, Part 1

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Date: December 9, 2018

Speaker: John Fonville

Series: What Are You Looking For?

Category: Advent

Scripture: Luke 1:39–1:45

Tags: old covenant, new covenant, abrahamic covenant, davidic covenant, son of god, Holy Spirit, Blessed, Mary, Joseph, Serpent Crusher, Nicene Creed, virgin birth, angels, Advent, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Luke, Gabriel, Eve, womb, mothers, Aaronic Benediction

When you come to Scripture what are you looking for? Or, better, who are you looking for? In the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel, we are introduced to several OT saints who had been looking their entire lives for the coming of Christ. Specifically, in Luke 1, we are introduced to two Jewish mothers who are pregnant with sons— Elizabeth and her relative Mary. We will see how these two Jewish mothers had a profound grasp on the Christ-centered witness of Scripture. Elizabeth and Mary understood the covenantal structure and framework of Scripture. They understood how this covenantal structure pointed to God’s salvation through the person and work of Christ who was to come.